Medical Termination of
Pregnancy (MTP)

The Disposable Endoscopic Cannula and Endoscopic Work Station represent the next advancement in the medical termination of pregnancy ("MTP"). Equipped with a disposable high resolution video Uon, the Uon cannula offers a combination of convenience and precision. The dual-funcation cannula technology combines a suction canal together with a high resolution camera for image transmission during the MTP procedure.

The disposable cannula design greatly reduces the risk of infection and provides both doctors and patients greater peace of mind. Additionally, the built-in super micro high resolution camera offers greater convenience to doctors performing MTP procedures as they can monitor the progress of the procedure on the system monitor(s) and correctly position the embryo and decadal tissue, reducing operation time and patient discomfort. The Digital Edit System allows images to be captured and saved for future analysis and consultation.
  • MV901-1 Image Workstation
  • Disposable endoscopic cannula
  • Disposable connecting catheter
  • Power adaptor
  • Premium cart
  • Medical data connecting cable
  • Two system monitors (17" and 9")
  • Foot switch
  • On-board computer with Keyboard/mouse
  • Disposable endoscopic cannula
  • Disposable connecting catheter
  • System monitor (8")
  • Basic cart
Introduction of core technology

Sterile disposable cannula
The cannula is manufactured under stringent quality standards. The EO sterilized cannula is disposed after each MTP procedure,
minimizing the risk of infection.

High strength flexible material
Unlike the traditional cannulas, the Ulfon cannula is made of soft and flexible material, minimizing the risk of injury and patient discomfort.

Dual monitors
The advanced Ulfon work station offers two monitors; one for the doctor to perform the MTP and the other for the medical assistants to capture, store
and print images for future use.

Digital Edit System
With the help of Digital Edit System, images can be collected for future analysis.

Water resistant material
The transparent cover is made of macromolecule water resistant materials and the surface is soft to the touch.

Dual Function Design
The special dual function design combines the functions of a suction orifice and video capabilities in a single cannula.

Optical system
Enables doctors to view the MTP procedure on system monitor(s) in high resolution.

UFLON Endoscopic Cannula
Introduction of core technology

Suction Orifice
Anatomical curve design with "Non-blind" orifice.
Optical system with LED light and focused sight filed;
hydrophobic (non-stick) surface
Dual Function Design
High strength flexible cannula; dual function design.
Camera system
Advanced 70k pixel CMOS high resolution camera equipped
with AV output and image capturing capability
  • MTP - UFLON Advanced Work Station
  • MTP - UFLON Basic Work Station
  • UFLON Endoscopic Cannula