• •   Swivel connector for patient comfort.
  • •   200 long star lumen kink resistant tube to ensure continuous flow of oxygen.
  • •   Sterilized with ETO, pyrogen free.
  • •   Oxygen mask packed in class 10,000 .Clean room also available.
  • •   Oxygen mask made from Food Grade PVC material.
  • •   Soft, large & designed in such a way that face mask fits comfortably over the face.
  • •   Elastic strap provided to position the mask properly.

  • •   *Adult* Paediatric
  • •   Oxygen mask has been designed to deliver oxygen to the patient during
  • •   Surgeries or critical care.

Link PM - Pressure Monitoring Lines
Link PM BLUE - with blue lines throughout length of the tube Link PM RED - with blue lines throughout length of the tube Link PM YELLOW - with blue
lines throughout length of the tube Pressure Monitoring lines are used to transmit the invasive blood pressure (via IV Cannula) to the Pressure Monitoring-System. It also can be used with syringe infusion pump.

Thick wall to avoid fluctuations in pressure monitoring.
  • •   *Adult* Paediatric
  • •   Kink resistant, transparent tube.
  • •  Standard luer connectors in compliance with 6% luer taper. So it can be used with all standard equipments.
  • •   Male luer connector at one end and female luer connector at another end Options available

  •   - Male luer connector at both ends
  •   - Colour coded tube.


Packing Inner/Outer unit
Male & female
Leur Lock/ Injection Stopper

Sterilized by ethylene oxide gas
  • •   Sterilization complies with is0 11135 - 1
  • •   non pyrogenic - for single use only
  • •   Universal 6% taper - greater compatibility
  • •   Designed for providing access to catheter for injecting Heparin or drawing blood through the injection membrane, using syringe.
  • •   InjectionMembranetestedasperISO:8536-4
    for self sealing. Other Optional available is with Latex free injection Membrane.
  • •   Luer conforming to ISO:594 for suiting the Female end of any standard product.
UISET - Urine Bag

Eto sterilized and individually Packed
  • •   Biologically tested for Single use
  • •   Non toxic pvc long tubing With top outlet cover
  • •   .125 mm pvc cloth
  • •   Closed drainage
  • •   Outlet attached to the closer
  • •   2000ml capacity bag with graduated scale

USET - Infusion Set

  • •   Tubing length - 1500 mm diameter - 2.7 mm
  • •   Drip chamber - drip tube distance - 40 mm
  • •   Drip chamber wall - drip tube end - 5mm
  • •   Flow regulator - ensures smooth flow
  • •   21 g hypodermic needle length 38mm
UWAYET - Three way Extension Tube
  • •   Extends pathway between infusion site & source of infusion
  • •   Male - male connection available
  • •   Toxic medical grade PVC material
  • •   Disposable, sterile and non pyrogenic

UWAY - Three Way Stop Cock
  • •   Rotating dead space
  • •   Tight covers for all ends
  • •   Pneumatic and hydrostatic pressure testing • Up to 7 bars 6% luer tapper

Two Way Foley Balloon

For urine drainage in the patients suffering from urinary tract problems.

Manufactured from 100% natural silicon bonded Latex
  • •   Smooth tapered tip of catheters facilitates easy introduction into the urethra.
  • •   Large eyes at distal end accurately placed permits effective drainage.
  • •   The balloon expands symmetrically for retention in bladder.
  • •   Special silicon bonded latex facilitates easy passage through urethra.
  • •   Colour Coded sleeves at proximal end for size identification.
  • •  Hard plastic valve permits secure connection with commonly used syringe nozzles for inflation / deflation and are proved to be more efficient than soft rubber valves.
  • •   Free from any encrustation.

UFLONSAFE - Safety IV Cannula
  • •   Passive fully automatic protection.
  • •   Needle sharp tip is enclosed inside a plastic cage after pulling out.
  • •   The plastic cage is designed as such that once the needles sharp tip is fully enclosed inside it cannot come out of the cage, and hence protects healthcare professionals from the risk of accident due to needle stick injury of injection.
  • •   The size of safety i.V. Cannula is very similar to conventional i.V. Cannula & the technique of cannulation is similar to cannulation technic of conventional I.V. Cannula.

UISET (Premium) - URINE

Suitable for closed urine drainage system for short & long term use.

  • • As a special feature it has been equipped with hanger & carrying system.
  • • Made of medical grade Non-toxic, Biocompatible P.V.C. sheet.
  • • Two layer laminated PVC sheet to avoid any leakage even after there is pin hole in sheet. The new
       Bi-lam sheet specially.
  • • Efficient non-return valve with top outlet.
FABCATH - IV CATHETER With 3 way stop cock

Colour coded tap
colour coded tap is provided to Identify

  • • The desired direction of flow and  

  • • Guage of the catheter.

  • • Hydrophobic filter
  • • Sutureable wings
  • • Coloured wings
  • • Packaging in colour paper
  • • Medical craft paper/tyvek paper

Micro Drip IV Infusion
Set vented

  • • Drip Chamber with built in air vent and bacteria barrier hydrophobic filter to prevent entry of air
       born micro organism into fluid body.
  • • Rest of the features as Drippy Micro N/V.
Packing (Inner/Outer unit)

Micro Drip IV Infusion
Set Non vented

The drop rate is reduced to 60drops/ml.
  • • Strong and Sharp spike for easy insertion in I.V. Container.
  • • Round collapsible drip chamber to facilitate fluid level adjustment and drop count.
  • • Disc type fluid filter for filtration of fluids for any particulate matters.
  • • Kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate and unrestricted flow.
  • • Thick self sealing latex bulb for extra medication and easy flushing.
  • • 150 cms tube length.
Packing (Inner/Outer unit)

Yankaur Suction Set

2.5meter long flexible kink resistant tube with a length for unobstructed drainage.
  • • Flexible connectors at both the ends for easy connection with handle and machine.
  • • Provided with sleeve over vent which can be removed easily to make it vented.
  • • Smooth transparent Injection moulded handle.
  • • Double packed in tear open pouch.
  • • Tip is provided with 4 lateral opening.
  • Size
  • ST
  • CT
  • Packing (Inner/Outer unit)
  • 10/250
  • 10/250