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USET - Infusion Set Vented and Non Vented


  • The tubing and chamber made of virgin grade medically treated non-toxic , non irritant PVC Material
  • The flow regulator and piercing spike are made from medically ABS compound to offer good Performance.
  • Air filter made so that all air entering the rigid container passes through it and that the flow of fluid is not significantly reduced.
  • The set is provided with a fluid filter.
  • The air inlet device (both tube airway and built in) provided with a filter design ingress of micro oxygen into the container into which the device is to be inserted.


  • The tubing is 1500mm in length and has an internal diameter of 2.7mm.
  • Drip chamber and drip tube maintain a distance of 40mm between the end of the drip tube and the outlet of the chamber.
  • The wall of the drip chamber not closer than 5mm to the end of the drip tube , thus it offer 20 drops of solution at 20oC and at a flow rate 50+ drops/min. Delivered 1+ 0.1ml ( 1+ 0.1g)
  • The flow regulator allows smoothly adjusting the flow of the infusion solution between zero and the maximum.
  • Hypodermic Needle 21G and length 38mm provided superior performance having sharp and a smooth vein puncture.


  • Long and short term or surgical infusion therapy with choice of Vented and Non vented and with or without "Y" shape connector sets for use with PVC, Glass or semi rigid container.

Available sizes

  • For infusion therapy of Paediatric and geriatric use, we have micro drip set and measured volume set ( with floating valve measuring 110ml and 150ml ) option for gravity floe vented and Non vented with and without Luer Lock set available with us.


  • Aseptically packing in HM/Poly Pouches with choice of single and double pouches.
Packing List (USET)
Description Inner Carton QTY. Outer Carton QTY. QTY. per 20 FT. Container QTY. per 40 FT. Container QTY. per 40 FT. HC Container
USET 25 600 180,000 340,000 480,000